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Archive - February 15, 2011 - Eventprofs Chat

Page history last edited by executiveoasis 13 years ago Saved with comment
2:04 am executiveoasis: If there is no #eventprofs chat, I'd like to hop on & facilitate re: Re-engineering Events for #Geny Audiences. Anybody game?
2:05 am Eventige: [VIDEO] Digital 18k Projection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZm1aa__wIQ - #HBO #EventProfs #Projection #Trueblood #Experiential #Marketing
2:11 am brumarkflooring: We are - booth 1125! RT @PinkDeb I am - who else? RT @3D_EXHIBITS: #EXHIBITOR2011 is fast approaching, who's going? #eventprofs #tradeshow
2:18 am kyleelizabeth22: @iFINDhotels absolute must have for conference hotel/venue is lots of space and near fun attractions #eventprofs
2:18 am kyleelizabeth22: @samjb we are trying to do #eventprofs but no one is on :(
2:19 am ClimberJim: I just joined the tweetchat - Jim from Colorado #eventprofs
2:20 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs I am here too! It is my first time:) Hi @ClimberJim
2:21 am ClimberJim: Not sure we have an official moderator or topic tonite #eventprofs
2:21 am Samjb: @AMD0985 Check the google doc I posted in Blackboard. There's one on now, #eventprofs
2:21 am kyleelizabeth22: @ClimberJIm hello from Texas #eventprofs
2:21 am SarahMCovington: @AMD0985 #eventprofs now
2:22 am ClimberJim: I suggest everyone here do a one line intro of them selves: name, firm, job, interests #eventprofs
2:22 am AMD0985: @Samjb Just found it! #eventprofs
2:23 am ClimberJim: Welcome @SarahMCovington - these chats are usually active & useful - looks like we are casual tonight #eventprofs
2:23 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs, Sarah, Student at University of North Texas, PR
2:23 am kyleelizabeth22: Kyle, student, University of North Texas, PR #eventprofs
2:23 am ClimberJim: I am Jim - resilience expert, author, speaker, climber with Speaking of Adventure in Colorado #eventprofs
2:24 am kyleelizabeth22: #eventprofs What have you written?
2:24 am AMD0985: Angela, PR student, UNT, #eventprofs
2:24 am ClimberJim: Are they teaching any social media classes yet in PR school? #eventprofs
2:24 am kyleelizabeth22: Hello Angela #eventprofs
2:25 am SarahMCovington: @ClimberJim Sounds exciting! Have any tips for aspiring professionals? #eventprofs
2:25 am ClimberJim: Just finished co-writing "The Ledge: An Adventure Story of Friendship & Survivial on Mt Rainier" #eventprofs
2:25 am executiveoasis: Tonight's #eventprofs chat is about Re-engineering Events & Corporate meetings for Gen-Y audiences I invite #genychat members to join us.
2:26 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs, yes they are! They offer an actual social media and then tweetchats are required for my writing class
2:26 am ClimberJim: Advise: pick one meeting industry assoc., join as a stduent, attend regularly, ask people to introduce you around - they will. #eventprofs
2:26 am executiveoasis: Q1 What presentation or facilitation methods are a definite turn-off for #geny team or audience members? #eventprofs #genychat
2:26 am ClimberJim: @executiveoasis Hi - glad you are here to guide us, I yield the floor to you. #eventprofs
2:28 am ClimberJim: Seems like geny dislike slow, methodical "lectures". yes? #eventprofs
2:28 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs Q1 strictly powerpoint presentations
2:28 am kyleelizabeth22: #eventprofs Q1 When presenters only use powerpoints
2:28 am ClimberJim: RT @kyleelizabeth22: #eventprofs Q1 When presenters only use powerpoints- wow, a strong response #eventprofs
2:29 am untmmichel: Just jumping in... Mackenzie, PR student, UNT! #eventprofs
2:29 am ClimberJim: Q: Does mixing in other medias & methods make Powerpoint more tolerable, or would #geny rather not even see it? #eventprofs
2:30 am untmmichel: @sarahmcovington @kyleelizabeth22 I second that about the powerpoint presentations! Very dull #eventprofs
2:30 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs definitely needs to be more interactive and keep our attention! Videos are great!
2:31 am ClimberJim: Q How long should videos be? How many per hour (roughly)? #eventprofs
2:31 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs we are a multi-tasking generation!! We need to kept awake and focused
2:31 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs two min max
2:32 am kyleelizabeth22: #eventprofs ever heard of Prezi? Makes the experience a lot better
2:32 am executiveoasis: Welcome @climberjim @sarahmcovington @AMD0985 and @kyleelizabeth22 we look forward to your input #eventprofs
2:32 am AMD0985: #eventprofs I agree... no more than two or three minutes
2:32 am AMD0985: @executiveoasis Thank you! #eventprofs
2:32 am ClimberJim: Ok - thanks RT @AMD0985: #eventprofs I agree... no more than two or three minutes #eventprofs
2:33 am klrichardson: Worth your time: #ECNC Focuses on New Technology, Engagement Techniques #eventprofs #assnchat by @BizBashAram http://ht.ly/3XdsA
2:34 am untmmichel: @SarahMCovington #eventprofs We are also very ADD. We lose focus and get bored easily. Everything needs to be fast paced
2:34 am executiveoasis: Q1 How can Powerpoint be adapted for #geny audience? #eventprofs #genychat
2:35 am kyleelizabeth22: #eventprofs by using Prezi
2:35 am AMD0985: what is prezi? #eventprofs
2:35 am untmmichel: @executiveoasis Q1: like said earlier, Prezi should be used #eventprofs
2:35 am kyleelizabeth22: #eventprofs its an interactive powerpoint
2:36 am AMD0985: I'm new to the event side of PR #eventprofs
2:36 am TAShanks: @executiveoasis Do not use powerpoints as speaking notes... its a presentation aid so use pictures and graphics(not just charts) #eventprofs
2:36 am untmmichel: #eventprofs http://prezi.com/
2:37 am ClimberJim: I know Prezi - is it better as it is just more interesting to watch or as it truly helps you understand more? #eventprofs
2:37 am untmmichel: @ClimberJim Prezi is more interesting to watch, keeps you engaged more. Not sure if it truly helps understanding #eventprofs
2:37 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs We understand powerpoint and prezi, we just prefer something that keeps our attention. Nothing will be absorbed otherwise.
2:38 am kyleelizabeth22: #eventprofs more interesting to watch
2:38 am executiveoasis: Thans @untmmichel For thoe not familiar, tell us more about Prezi #eventprofs
2:39 am executiveoasis: You too @kyleelizabeth22 Please tell us more about Prezi & provide any relevant links #eventprofs
2:39 am ClimberJim: Seems like Prezi allows you to have the "big picture" of interconnectedness of photos/info/ideas, and to zoom & move around #eventprofs
2:39 am kyleelizabeth22: #eventprofs we included Prezi in our presentation for Frito Lay this last semester and it gave our presentation more creativity and an edge
2:40 am ClimberJim: But, can all that zooming & moving can make some people (older folks??) irritated/nauseated? #eventprofs
2:40 am VirtuallyAmaz: RT @untmmichel: @SarahMCovington #eventprofs We are also very ADD. We lose focus & get bored easily...<<spent the day w/nephew he said same!
2:41 am executiveoasis: Q2 What strategies & approaches will keep the attention of a #geny audience during presentations, meetings & retreats? #eventprofs
2:41 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs Only downside to Prezi is putting it together. It is somewhat difficult.
2:42 am ClimberJim: Q2 - mixing medias & mixing teaching methods seems helpful #eventprofs
2:42 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs Relevant hands-on activities
2:42 am executiveoasis: @untmmichel Thank for Prezi link #eventprofs
2:42 am AMD0985: @SarahMCovington I was just about to ask about its difficulty. Do you need to be tech savy to master it? #eventprofs
2:42 am kyleelizabeth22: #eventprofs Q2 Quality over quantity, presentations need to be short and to the point, using lots of visuals
2:42 am untmmichel: I keep forgetting to put the #eventprofs hashtag! Sorry!
2:43 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs @amd0985 It gives directions to follow, but I had difficulty. Depends on the user I suppose.
2:43 am AMD0985: I agree... mixing different forms of media and getting to the point will keep their attention #eventprofs
2:44 am executiveoasis: @VirtuallyAmaz Re: short attention span. 20 minutes was optimal sound byte for adult learners. For #geny what is optimal? #eventprofs
2:45 am rgbrody: For better #events - pros use checklists:http://ezinearticles.com/?Event-Checklists&id=5927847 #eventprofs #hotels #leadership
2:46 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs I honestly have no idea. We did ten minute presentations for class and after 2 min. everyone was daydreaming.
2:47 am AMD0985: My guess would be 8 to 10 minutes but I think it depends on the content/format of the presentation #eventprofs
2:47 am kyleelizabeth22: @AMD0985 #eventprofs I agree....it just depends on the content
2:47 am TwadeShow: Budgeting: Seminars (Nothing scheduled now. Bookmark & check at a later date.) #TradeShow #eventprofs #marketing #b2b http://bit.ly/h0Tskh
2:47 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs @amd085 AGREED if I was to give a timeline.
2:48 am untmmichel: @AMD0985 @SarahMCovington I think the shorter you can make it... the better #eventprofs
2:48 am executiveoasis: @untmmichel Not to worry. Loving your contribution, we'll keep checking your tweeetstream in case you miss #eventprofs tag.
2:48 am TOProject: #eventprofs time is never an issue, content + presentation are. Avatar was 3 hours and geny loved it.
2:48 am ClimberJim: 8-10 minutes? Daydreaming after 2 minutes? Yikes - that makes it challenging to get expansive or complex ideas across. #eventprofs
2:48 am Brandon_Abbott: Agreed. RT @untmmichel @AMD0985 @SarahMCovington I think the shorter you can make it... the better #eventprofs
2:49 am epeschel: Looking forward to my final #IACC Customer Roundtable @WalthamWoods tomorrow #eventprofs
2:49 am untmmichel: @TOProject I guess this is true depending on what the content of the presentation is. #eventprofs
2:50 am SarahMCovington: @TOProject: #eventprofs Avatar was good, but I almost passed out. My attention did not hold.
2:51 am untmmichel: @SarahMCovington LOL. I had my own personal problems with Avatar. It depends on the person and their interests! #eventprofs
2:51 am klrichardson: Three Days, Two Conferences ? Great Thoughts by @psalinger. Authenticity, Gaming and Events Oh My! http://ht.ly/3XdQM #eventprofs #pcma
2:51 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs RT @SarahMCovington: @ClimberJim Has #geny discouraged you! So sorry. We are a product of our crazed generation.
2:51 am executiveoasis: Q3 To maximize relevance & engagement, what hand-on approaches appeal to #geny audiences? #eventprofs #genychat welcome
2:51 am TOProject: #eventprofs if u are presenting a budget, do bottom lines, just open for specific Qs. If u are presenting a less dry topic expand
2:53 am ClimberJim: This is good info to know - the world will only go faster, not slower #eventprofs
2:53 am TOProject: @SarahMCovington #eventprofs I hated it, but millions of young ppl loved it. Its about message
2:54 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs @377 True, I do agree to an extent, but that is leisure vs. business. Who wants to go to a 3 hour biz conference? Not me!
2:55 am TOProject: #eventprofs A3- Change their perspectives, sight lines, sound levels-anything that challenges ur attn span. Do the unexpected several times
2:56 am executiveoasis: @SarahMCovington With daydreaming after 2 minutes would optimal sound byte be 5 mins with lots of questions & then an exercise? #eventprofs
2:57 am kyleelizabeth22: #eventprofs @executiveoasis yes! Since daydreaming and phone activities kick in after 2 minutes, 5 minutes would be ideal
2:57 am TOProject: #eventprofs during my last presentation 2 a young group, about 10 min in,I started 2 dribble a bball. Everyone watched, nothing 2 do w/topic
2:57 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs Quiz for rewards, sounds silly but it totally works! @executiveoasis Definitely anything to engage and keep fast-paced.
2:58 am TOProject: #eventprofs but it was unexpected. I also "tossed" it to questioners. Keep people "in" this experience
2:59 am untmmichel: #eventprofs @executiveoasis @SarahMCovington GOOD Incentives always cause GenY audiences to perk up!
2:59 am kyleelizabeth22: @TOProject #eventprofs I like the basketball idea. The unusual keeps people intrigued
2:59 am untmmichel: @TOProject Good idea! Keeps them guessing #eventprofs
2:59 am AMD0985: @SarahMCovington Good call about the quiz for rewards. That always gets people interested! #eventprofs
2:59 am TOProject: @SarahMCovington #eventprofs Love the "pavlovian" training!!! :o)
3:00 am executiveoasis: Q4 Case studies seem to be a turn-off for #geny audiences. Am I right? How can they be adapted & what are alternatives? #eventprofs
3:01 am TOProject: #eventprofs spent a few years as a stand up, learned what an audience will "watch" + when.
3:01 am SarahMCovington: @TOProject If the shoe fits. #eventprofs.
3:01 am AMD0985: A4 I think the term "case study" tends to scare people but I think they can be summarized/adapted for an audience #eventprofs
3:02 am AMD0985: A4 maybe by teaching/summarizing/sharing through interaction?? #eventprofs
3:02 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs #geny Don't we all HATE research. Lie to us and make it sound fun? ha
3:02 am suzannecarawan: for genY, don't use term case study, use the term 'story' & then they like it #eventprofs
3:02 am TOProject: #eventprofs A4: GenY is the "everyone is special" generation, THEIR experiences count, not sum1 else's.
3:03 am ClimberJim: RT @TOProject: #eventprofs A4: GenY is the "everyone is special" generation, THEIR experiences count, not sum1 elses. #eventprofs
3:03 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs @Toproject The world is evolving, either jump aboard or sink my friend.
3:03 am untmmichel: @suzannecarawan I agree, case study makes us tune it out before it starts. #eventprofs
3:04 am suzannecarawan: i've also had GenY ppl say "enough! stop catering me--i want to learn what you know & not the other way around!" #eventprofs
3:05 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs Not all geny are the same. We are were brought up by our parents, your generation. @suzannecarawan Thanks!
3:05 am kyleelizabeth22: #eventprofs I don't feel like there is a way to adapt research. GenY needs to just realize that secondary research is necessary
3:06 am SarahMCovington: @suzannacarawan, #eventprofs, Some things can not be adapted, but still we are willing to do it.
3:06 am TOProject: There's my point! RT @SarahMCovington: #eventprofs Not all geny are the same. We are were brought up by our parents, your generation. !
3:06 am AMD0985: @suzannecarawan but, for the most part, I want to know what they know #eventprofs
3:08 am suzannecarawan: why would you adapt research? there are fundamental constructs & frameworks--why would we change that for any generation? #eventprofs
3:08 am SarahMCovington: @Toproject, #eventprofs I don't guess I understand what point you are trying to make anymore. I enjoy learning for my job, even if it sucks
3:08 am suzannecarawan: change the topic, not the methodology #eventprofs Teach the methods, have GenY put forth new questions #eventprofs
3:09 am EventPlannersUS: Attendee Registration for DMAI's Destinations Showcase Washington 02/23/11 - http://bit.ly/horqNY #eventprofs #dmai #mpi #ises
3:09 am TOProject: #eventprofs @SarahMCovington U "personalized" ur experience. Not bad, just how many GenY relate. My gen, X, related to $$$
3:09 am ClimberJim: I have to go - thanks for sharing. #eventprofs
3:09 am suzannecarawan: @ClimberJim have a good one! #eventprofs
3:09 am SarahMCovington: #eventprofs I have to go as well. Sorry for my rants, but I had a blast chatting! @ClimberJim Thanks for your input.
3:09 am executiveoasis: #eventprofs Last question coming up then open chat for last 10 minutes. #genychat , please join in re: re-engineering events & meetings.
3:10 am kyleelizabeth22: #eventprofs adios amigos
3:10 am untmmichel: @TOProject I think GenY vary greatly even just between current 18 year olds to 21-23 year old graduating college students. #eventprofs
3:10 am executiveoasis: Q5 How can simulations be adapted for #geny participants? Also, what energizers are effective? (stress balls = old hat) #eventprofs
3:11 am TOProject: #eventprofs my point is that "dry" research doesn't resonate. It is more effective when they can relate to it directly.
3:11 am suzannecarawan: every generation has huge divides within it--there should be sub-generations #eventprofs
3:11 am executiveoasis: @kyleelizabeth22 Thanks for your contributions. Please stop by again soon #eventprofs
3:12 am executiveoasis: @SarahMCovington @ClimberJim Thanks. See you again soon. #eventprofs
3:12 am suzannecarawan: I have a background in social marketing. to make research come alive, i'd bring #geny on-site to experience the situation #eventprofs
3:12 am untmmichel: @suzannecarawan Agreed! I notice major differences between people my age and current high schoolers #eventprofs
3:13 am suzannecarawan: @untmmichel Good God--i sure hope so!!! #geny is no diff than #genx than #boomers. each age is contextual. #eventprofs
3:14 am AMD0985: Have to get going! Thanks everyone! #eventprofs
3:14 am executiveoasis: @suzannecarawan I see your point but "sage on the stage" = dead. If delivery method is a turn-off, there will be no learning. #eventprofs
3:15 am suzannecarawan: @executiveoasis Disagree. If Nelson Mandela talked to you, you'd listen. Same with Queen Eliz II. It's all about the message #eventprofs
3:15 am untmmichel: I have to get going as well, lots of homework and Twitter is distracting! Thanks for the chat! #eventprofs
3:16 am suzannecarawan: have to use understanding. for the generation/context of a speaker and judge on that. not your own viewpoint of did it please u #eventprofs
3:17 am executiveoasis: @untmmichel Thanks for stopping by you added a valuable perspective. Conferences that stick to 1 hour keynotes are in trouble #eventprofs
3:18 am executiveoasis: @suzannecarawan Good point. What is it about Mandela's style or Queen Elizabeth that people of all generations fine engaging? #eventprofs
3:18 am executiveoasis: @AMD0985 Thanks for your input. Hope to see you again soon. #eventprofs
3:19 am suzannecarawan: @executiveoasis They have something of real value to say. Prob w/ most speakers is they are spouting BS & it's self-promotion #eventprofs
3:21 am EventPlannersUS: Green Events - Incorporate Sustainability and Recycling into Hotel Contracts: http://bit.ly/f1Bm0q #eventprofs #mpi #ises
3:22 am judylaine: RT @EventPlannersUS: Green Events - Incorporate Sustainability and Recycling into Hotel Contracts: http://bit.ly/f1Bm0q #eventprofs #mpi #ises
3:26 am executiveoasis: Summary: To engage #geny deliver relevant content of value with passion, shorter sound bytes (5 minutes), use Prezi & variety. #eventprofs
3:27 am executiveoasis: #eventprofs #genychat Any other tips strategies, turn-ons, turn-offs for re-engineering meetings & conferences to enage #geny ?
3:29 am executiveoasis: It's a wrap for tonight's #eventprofs chat. #genychat members, thanks for your input. Stop by any time. Nice meeting you @suzannecarawan

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