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Event Add-ons

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If you have been asked to find a speaker for an event, there is a reason why.  Your organization needs a speaker to improve in some way.  It could be leadership so that everyone can learn to better take the reigns, it could be creativity so that everyone will think a bit more outside the box, and it could even be humour just to lighten the mood at an event.     Either way, that particular speaker type is meeting an organizational need. 


Why are event planners stopping with that live booking?  If that speaker is just the right person for your organization, why not use them as an evangelist beyond their in-person event?  Event Planners are in just the right place to provide considerable business impact.


Here are some recommendations

  • web events - book the speaker for a follow-up web event.  They can speak live on camera and people can watch from their desks.  They will be reminded of the inspiration and they will have a chance to ask more questions.  Follow-up web events can be specifically tailored to dive deeper where your audience needs it
  • videos - speakers can have snippets of their concepts represented by short videos.  Get some and mail links out to your audience periodically.  It is a bit cheaper than re-booking the speaker's time and it will still remind the audience of the inspiration and re-focus them on the speaker's message
  • podcast - record an interview with that speaker and provide it to the audience members to listen in their car or while walking their dog
  • speaker buzz - put a widget on your web page that updates itself with whatever content (blog posts, videos, etc...) is being created by that speaker


There are companies that provide these tools, but it is up to you to figure out how to make them valuable to your audience.  Speaker Interactive is one such company available to help (Twitter: @spkrinteractive).

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