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Archives 2009

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Welcome to the Archives!


APRIL 2009


Apr 20 

9-10 PM EST / 

6-7 PM PST


1. Strategies for building strong client partnerships. 

2. Mark up costs or charge a management fee?

3. How to build more value for our eventprofs chats.

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Apr 23

12-1 PM


9-10 AM PST


1. How do you measure word of mouth?

2. What is the new definition of our industry in the age of virtual & social media?

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Apr 27

9-10 PM

EST / 

6-7 PM PST


1. How much do you invest in the pitch

2. Lessons learned: Mistakes you will never make again

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Apr 30

12-1 PM

EST / 

9-10 AM PST


1. Time management: Tools and tips

2. Unique learning methods: Room set ups & making meetings more interactive & educational

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May 28 

12-1 PM

EST / 

9-10 AM PST 


1. How to differentiate your business in a saturated industry

2. How to win RFPs



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MAY 2009

May 5

9-10 PM

EST / 

6-7 PM PST

@JessicaLevin (Jessica)



1. The future of conferences. What technology tools will change the way people interact before, during, and after a conference? 

2. How can events provide business value beyond the event itself? 

Last 5 mins: Keep America Meeting announcement by @rachelES / @keepmeeting

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Attendee List

May 7

12-1 PM

EST / 

9-10 AM PST

@GregRuby (Greg) 



1. The value of industry associations 

2. User & Attendee Generated events - value of, how tos, types. 

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Attendee List 

May 11

9-10 PM

EST / 

6-7 PM PST

@csalomonlee (Cece) - using personal Twitter versus company ID  @GregRuby (Greg)

moved to Tuesday, May 12, 9-10 pm EST / 6-7 pm PST

due to tweetchat delays

1. Distance learning & webinars - what works and what doesn't?

2. How to convert social media into sales?


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Attendee List 

May 14

12-1 PM

EST / 

9-10 AM PST


1. How to select the right speaker for your event.

2. How do you balance what the client wants with what's right for the event?

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May 18  

9-10 PM

EST / 

6-7 PM PST 

@GregRuby (Greg) 

1. Are we doing enough to have "green" events?

2. Work/life balance issues for meeting professionals.

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May 21 

12-1 PM

EST / 

9-10 AM PST 

@MelyMello (Melissa)

1. Is ROI good or bad for the event business?

2. Safety & security at events.

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May 25

9-10 PM

EST / 

6-7 PM PST  








JUNE 2009

Date Moderator Topics Archives

June 2 9-10 PM EST/ 6-7 PM PST


1. What is the best way to learn from audiences how we should be improving our events? 

2. What is the best way of learning from our customers to improve our businesses?

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Attendance List 

June 4 12-1 PM EST/ 9-10 AM PST


Postponed due to Twitter latency (~5mins)


June 9 9-10 PM EST/ 6-7 PM PST


1. Creative ways to generate new business.

2. What's next for the events & meetings industry?

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June 11 12-1 PM EST/ 9-10 AM PST


1. Tips for audience response systems.

2. What are going to be the biggest external factors to our business in the next 5 yrs and what can we do about them?

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June 16 9-10 PM EST/ 6-7 PM PST



1. Put a hand in a hand. Find out who your fellow tweeters are and try to think about how you can help them build more business. 

2. Getting publicity for your company and your event. WITH GUEST EXPERT - EVENT SOLUTIONS EDITOR IN CHIEF, RACHEL GLOBUS.



June 18 12-1 PM EST/ 9-10 AM PST


1. How to create an excellent attendee/customer experience. 

2. Gaining R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Trouble-shooting your biggest challenges. 

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Attendance List  

June 23 9-10 PM EDT/6-7 PM PDT @ready2spark

1. How to become a trusted advisor to your clients.

2. The power of industry associations. 


Unable to archive chat due to Twitter issues 
June 25 12-1 PM EDT/9-10 AM PDT @JeffHurt 

1. When the recession is over, what are the top things you learned that you will apply moving forward? 

2. Blogging for better business. 

Archive 6-25-09 
June 30 9-10 PM EDT/6-7 PM PDT @michaelmccurry 

1. The value of industry events. Which events do you recommend? 

2. Where are you putting your marketing dollars? (ads, tradeshows, social media...) 

Archive 6-30-09 



JULY 2009

Date Moderator Topics Archives
July 2 12-1 PM EST/ 9-10 AM PST @GregRuby  A  freeflowing discussion regarding virtual content for education and costs. Archive - July 2, 2009 

July 7 9-10 PM EST/ 6-7 PM PST


Social media in events - tips, tricks, latest technologies.  


Archive - July 7, 2009 

July 9 12-1 PM EST/ 9-10 AM PST


Special 90 MInute EVENTPROFS that followed the BUZZ2009 Guy Kawasaki Webinar. 

Archive Here 

July 14 9-10 PM EST/ 6-7 PM PST


Open chat - you suggest the topics 


Let's look at recent topics in the events space: WEC (who's there and the topics), Jeff Hurt's recent posts, and more

Archive - July 14, 2009 

July 16 12-1 PM EST/ 9-10 AM PST


July 21 9-10 PM EST/ 6-7 PM PST


VALUE. What does that word mean? for clients, attendees +/or events?  

Archives - July 21, 2009 - Event Value 

July 23 12-1 PM EST/ 9-10 AM PST

@samueljsmith  ROI - Return on Investment. Elling Hamso of the European ROI Institute joined the discussion.  Archive - July 23, 2009 
July 28 9-10 PM EDT/6-7 PM PDT @camerontoth  TEACHING - How to teach others how to use social media?  And the most efficient methods for your own use of social media.  Archive July 28 - TEACHING 
July 30 12-1 PM EDT/9-10 AM PDT @camerontoth The Ultimate Networking event: Why and how would you boost the networking opportunities at your event? Archive July 30, 2009 - Networking Event Discussion




Date Moderator Topics Archives

Aug 5 9-10 PM EST/ 6-7 PM PST (NEW DATE & TIME)



w/ Michael McCurry  


Aug 7 1:30 - 2:45 PM PST (NEW DATE & TIME)




w/ @beevents (Ryan Hanson) @chicgeekgirl (Marla Watson-Werst) @ready2spark (Lara McCulloch)

Link to archive 

Aug 11 9-10 PM EST/ 6-7 PM PST


Collaboration and Community pre/post event, Best practices for funding a virtual event via sponsorships

Link to Archive

Aug 13 12-1 PM EST/ 9-10 AM PST


Aug 18 9-10 PM EST/ 6-7 PM PST


0. Intros - 10 mins

1. What does Collaborative Media mean to you? - 15 mins

2. How could collaborative media help you pre-event? - 5 mins

3. How could collaborative media help you during an event? - 5 mins

4. How could collaborative media help you post-event? - 5 mins

5. twebevent, twtcam, camtweets are several of the tools to mash video and Twitter.  What are the best features of each? - 20 mins




Aug 20 12-1 PM EST/ 9-10 AM PST

@JeffHurt  Defining virtual eventsWhat are they, how to integrate, where to start. Note topic change: spending entire 60 minutes on virtual events. Guests include Brian Jeremy, Director of Technology at JUXT Interactive-a George P. Johnson Company, Cece Salomon Lee, Director of Marketing, InXpo and others.

Great, Twitter's down. Some of us are in Friendfeed if you want to try to still chat. Looks like we'll reschdule with a backup plan for next time!
Aug 25 9-10 PM EST/6-7 PM PDT @camerontoth  1. Marketing strategy: creating community, building your brand and building a following.  2. Once you have a following how do you keep interaction level high? Archive August 25, 2009 - SM Strategy 
Aug 27 12-1 PM EST/9-10 AM PDT


Format experiment: we will have a bridge number to call into and we will do Twitter Chat at the same time.   Use http://twebevent.com/eventprofs to join

Topic: Share (verbally) something you have done as an eventprof that pleasantly surprised your client or audience. 


Review of experiment





Moderator Topics Archives
Oct. 1, 12-1pm EST/9-10 am PDT      
Oct. 6, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT      
Oct. 8, 12-1 pm EST/9-10 AM PDT @samueljsmith  Hybrid Events  Archive 
Oct. 13, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT @michaelmccurry

(1) Can we keep good Vendor relationships & Get Good Prices. (2) Where and how to find good speakers 

Oct. 15, 12-1 pm EST/9-10 am PDT @jeffhurt 

(1) How can social media drive Event registration? 

(2) Ways to engage with speakers beyond face2face (and vice verse)

Oct. 20, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT  


Oct. 22, 12-1 pm EST/9-10 am PDT @pinkdeb 

(1) Defining an Event vs. an Experience 

(2) Event Design, what is it, best practices

Archive October 22, 2009 
Oct. 27, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT @camerontoth  Going green - tips, tricks and suggestions for events.  

Archive - Oct 27 2009 - Going Green 

Attendees Oct 27 2009

Oct. 29, 12-1 pm EST/9-10 am PDT @gregruby

(1) How has the current economic climate affected your pricing structure and how long do you expect the new structure to last? What are you doing to combat your shrinking margins and protect your five year plan? 

(2) How to combat the negative perception of events among media and public at large.





Date Moderator Topics Archives
Nov. 3, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT @michaelmccurry

(1) How do you compete with preferred vendors when you are not one?

(2) How can crowdsourcing be used to improve events?  

Nov. 5, 12-1pm EST/9-10 am PDT @SpkrInteractive 

1) How can we improve relationships with exhibitors/sponsors

2) What can speakers do for events beyond speaking in-person



Nov. 10, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT      
Nov. 12, 12-1 pm EST/9-10 AM PDT @ready2spark 

1. How to turn customers into evangelists

2. Where to find new clients 

Nov. 17, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT      
Nov. 19, 12-1 pm EST/9-10 am PDT @GregRuby

1.  Event design - what is it/best practices

2. Defining an event vs an experience

Nov. 24, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT      
Nov. 26, 12-1 pm EST/9-10 am PDT   This is U.S. Holiday Thanksgiving. Chat may have to occur with Canadian & European friends.  




Date Moderator Topics Archives
Dec. 1, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT  


Dec. 3, 12-1pm EST/9-10 am PDT @SpkrInteractive 

Finding/Picking/Rating professional speakers



Dec. 8, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT      
Dec. 10, 12-1 pm EST/9-10 am PDT @PinkDeb

Predictions for 2010  #1-Socail Media #2-Event Trends 

Archives - Dec 10, 2009

Archives - Dec 10, 2009 short 
Attendees - Dec 10, 2009 

Dec. 15, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT      
Dec. 17, 12-1 pm EST/9-10 am PDT @ready2spark 

How to build a brand online

Best practices for using Twitter at events 

Dec. 22, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT      
Dec. 24, 12-1 pm EST/9-10 am PDT   No session due to holiday  
Dec. 29, 9-10 pm EST/6-7 pm PDT   No session due to holiday  
Dec. 31, 12-1 pm EST/9-10 am PDT   No session due to holiday  


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