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Archive Nov 19 09

Page history last edited by Lara McCulloch-Carter 13 years, 10 months ago
11:01 am GregRuby: Any other #eventprofs in the house for today's chat? #eventprofs
11:02 am MikeyFletch: UK #eventprofs joining us for @ISES_UK's Rejuvenate event tonight, the fun starts at 6.30. Hear @georgepjohnson http://tinyurl.com/yl6jbyh
11:03 am ZeristaSoftware: Hi John Kanarowski from Zerista Event Software in Denver here. #eventprofs
11:04 am SmartSource: @GregRuby I'm here watching the #eventprofs chat over lunch today. Travis from SmartSource in the NYC office.
11:04 am conventionplani: hey there! #eventprofs
11:05 am tonyveroeven: Tony Veroeven from Conference 2.0 by Omnipress in Madison WI here. #eventprofs
11:05 am GregRuby: Glad to have some company for today's chat. I am filling in for @JeffHurt as today's moderator. Welcome! #eventprofs
11:06 am GregRuby: Nice to have a small, intimate group. Our first topic is Event Design. What are some of the best practices you have seen? #eventprofs
11:07 am MichaelMcCurry: Mike McCurry from Experient in Chicago #eventprofs
11:08 am GregRuby: Welcome Mike & Tony. #eventprofs
11:08 am MichaelMcCurry: @GregRuby Not sure I understand question Greg?? #eventprofs
11:09 am magdanieto: RT @MikeyFletch: UK #eventprofs joining us for @ISES_UK's Rejuvenate event tonight, the fun starts at 6.30. Hear @georgepjohnson http:// ...
11:09 am MichaelMcCurry: Hey all am on a chat session if not interested please filter and not unfollow... thank you #eventprofs
11:09 am GregRuby: Mike, I would think today's topic of Event Design is something you deal with almost daily at Experient. #eventprofs
11:10 am clintonbon: Last day to propose or vote for questions you want @timoreilly 2 ask Beth Noveck live at #w2ehttp://w2e.crowdcampaign.com/ #eventprofs
11:10 am MichaelMcCurry: @GregRuby Absolutely true ... as consultants that is what we do #eventprofs
11:10 am tonyveroeven: Hey all am on a chat session if not interested please filter and not unfollow. #eventprofs
11:10 am GregRuby: I'm considering the topic to be starting an event straight from the concept to actual implementing of the show. #eventprofs
11:10 am marciamarcia: @MichaelMcCurry & others on #eventprofs, contact me if you're interested in sharing your SM event practices in a new book. Thanks!
11:11 am hotelrecycling: RT @conventionplani: Excellent article for hoteliers - 4 Post Recession Shifts in the Hotel Sales Environment http://ow.ly/DGF9 #eventprofs
11:11 am MichaelMcCurry: @GregRuby Well one important practice related to event design is to understand the event's needs clearly before offering advice #eventprofs
11:11 am GregRuby: One interesting concept to consider is how to integrate social media when designing an event. #eventprofs
11:12 am mrshasten: best pract event design: incrp. client goals into decor, like using green materials to promote sustainability #eventprofs
11:12 am PYMConnect: Meeting professionals: Connect with your peers by joining our social network @PYMConnecthttp://www.pymconnect.com #eventprofs
11:12 am mrshasten: or incorp. social media outlets to promote networking #eventprofs
11:12 am SmartSource: Recent #MPI event in NYC had one big room , brief intros, then broke into separate areas & attendees were free to roam at will #eventprofs
11:12 am GregRuby: @MichaelMcCurry Do you sometimes have issues with clients not having a clear vision of what they want the event to accomplish? #eventprofs
11:13 am crlambert: Carla Lambert here from Chicago, sorry I am late. #eventprofs
11:13 am GregRuby: @SmartSource Sort of an "un-meeting" for the lack of a better term? #eventprofs
11:14 am conventionplani: @mrshasten agreed; the client should feel a connection to the design! #eventprofs
11:14 am GregRuby: @mrshasten Working green concepts into a design is becoming critcal these days. #eventprofs
11:14 am GregRuby: @crlambert Welcome Carla! #eventprofs
11:14 am MichaelMcCurry: @GregRuby yes, sometimes part of the event design process is getting client in touch with what they truly want out of it. #eventprofs
11:14 am MichaelMcCurry: @crlambert Hi Carla... nice to see you #eventprofs
11:15 am GregRuby: @crlambert We are discussing best practices in event design. #eventprofs
11:15 am MichaelMcCurry: I think a new best practice is to get the end user or attendee involved in the design process #eventprofs
11:16 am GregRuby: @MichaelMcCurry How do you have to direct your clients towards the big picture? #eventprofs
11:16 am crlambert: Any recommendations on structuring design to incorporate smaller rooms (<600) when group is used to session >800 ea.? #eventprofs
11:16 am GregRuby: @SmartSource How well attended was the #MPI event? Was the concept well received? #eventprofs
11:17 am SmartSource: @GregRuby yes- able to address multiple related topics & attendees chose most applicable to them and skipped what wasn't #eventprofs
11:17 am TheTerzaFactor: RT @MichaelMcCurry: I think a new best practice is to get the end user or attendee involved in the design process #eventprofs
11:17 am MichaelMcCurry: @GregRuby By asking a lot of questions.. peel the onion as they say #eventprofs
11:17 am conventionplani: @MichaelMcCurry good point. PMPI redesigned the format of their trade show this yr based on attendee feedback. #eventprofs
11:18 am GregRuby: @MichaelMcCurry Like that term - never heard it before. #eventprofs
11:18 am SmartSource: @GregRuby Yes but topic was social media & breakouts were LinkedIn, Twitter, Fbook. Other topics might be tougher in this format #eventprofs
11:18 am GregRuby: @conventionplani I am disappointed that PMPI scheduled there event in conflict with #expoexpo or I would be in attendance. #eventprofs
11:18 am tonyveroeven: @MichaelMcCurry Sounds like a good idea. better Buy-in that way. #eventprofs
11:19 am conventionplani: @GregRuby what a shame, it would have been nice to meet you! #eventprofs
11:19 am lizkingevents: Sorry to be signing in late. I lost track of time. Liz King here - owner of Liz King Events #eventprofs
11:19 am PinkDeb: Hi All, just dropping in as i have another call soon.... i like today's topics #eventprofs
11:19 am GregRuby: @SmartSource Could sort of work out like table topics at some luncheons. #eventprofs
11:20 am MichaelMcCurry: We've all heard the term crowd-sourcing, well this is attendee-sourcing at its best !! #eventprofs
11:20 am GregRuby: Hello Deb & Liz! #eventprofs
11:20 am crlambert: Anyone on that works for association? #eventprofs
11:20 am GregRuby: Has anyone seen something at a recent event that caught your eye as an idea for your events in the future? #eventprofs
11:21 am EventArchitects: today's InSite features @BizBash_News http://bit.ly/34ilQn #eventprofs
11:21 am racheyes: today's InSite features @BizBash_News http://bit.ly/34ilQn #eventprofs
11:21 am frooney: today's InSite features @BizBash_News http://bit.ly/34ilQn #eventprofs
11:21 am MichaelMcCurry: @crlambert Carla are you getting your members involved in event design at ADA? #eventprofs
11:21 am PinkDeb: I am seeing a lot with LED's and the amazing strides of the technology #eventprofs
11:22 am conventionplani: Anyone heard of the book Seating Matters? Has some great alternatives to traditional set ups #eventprofs
11:22 am GregRuby: @PinkDeb Was their anything at the recent NEOCon event that caught your eye? #eventprofs
11:22 am crlambert: @MichaelMcCurry We take comments under consideration but size of meeting makes some customizations very difficult. #eventprofs
11:23 am lizkingevents: @conventionplani That's a really interesting book. Great ideas! #eventprofs
11:23 am SmartSource: #eventprofs Real time tweets projected along side a speaker on stage. We could text to a number or tweet to get them to appear at #adtech
11:23 am MichaelMcCurry: @conventionplani Have not heard of that.... no #eventprofs
11:24 am GregRuby: @conventionplani I've heard of the book, but have not been able to review it yet. #eventprofs
11:24 am lizkingevents: @SmartSource When you have participants text to a #, what # do you use? #eventprofs
11:24 am conventionplani: @MichaelMcCurry it's by Dr. Paul O. Radde of The Thrival Institute. Highly recommend it. #eventprofs
11:24 am MichaelMcCurry: I think somehow Google Wave is going to play a role in future event design... just not sure how yet #eventprofs
11:24 am GregRuby: @SmartSource Much like a twitter fountain? Could be unnerving to the speaker, however. #eventprofs
11:25 am crlambert: @conventionplani Where can I get the book? #eventprofs
11:25 am MichaelMcCurry: @conventionplani Thank you I will check it out #eventprofs
11:25 am lizkingevents: @MichaelMcCurry Have you been able to experiment much with Google Wave yet? #eventprofs
11:25 am crlambert: @GregRuby Our speakers where almost unanimous in saying NO to Twitter on screen. #eventprofs
11:26 am SmartSource: @lizkingevents #eventprofs Text number was through a third party vendor for those without twitter skils/account. Cant remember vendor
11:26 am MichaelMcCurry: @GregRuby Greg with PCMA event in 9/30 we had "comment moderator" to manage tweets for speaker... remember.. it was me #eventprofs
11:26 am GregRuby: @MichaelMcCurry I'm probably the only one not familar with google wave. What exactly is it? (Haven't checked the link u posted) #eventprofs
11:26 am PinkDeb: @gregRuby - the neocon event is so much architecture so not so much new for events- LDI the Lighting show is happening this wk #eventprofs
11:26 am conventionplani: @crlambert www.Thrival.com and click on products #eventprofs
11:26 am MichaelMcCurry: @lizkingevents Last weekend I spent a lot of time on there.. wrote blog article this week re experience #eventprofs
11:27 am ZeristaSoftware: Here's a cool tool from the recent Enterprise 2.0 conf. Real-time twitter-into-ppt mash up by @SAPWEb20 #eventprofs http://bit.ly/2toPqL
11:27 am verysexyseo: RT @lizkingevents @MichaelMcCurry Have you been able to experiment much with Google Wave yet? #eventprofs
11:27 am lizkingevents: @SmartSource Interesting. Thanks. I'll have 2 investigate. We are looking to use it 4 an upcoming event. #eventprofs
11:27 am conventionplani: @MichaelMcCurry I loved the article, am waiting for my invite from google to check it out myself! #eventprofs
11:27 am PinkDeb: you are seeing much more soft LED that can wrap and curve and more uses for design with it. there is a LED dress going around #eventprofs
11:27 am iandavmcg: Good Day all, Ian from GPJ is joining the eventprofs chat #eventprofs
11:27 am GregRuby: @MichaelMcCurry Sorry, didn't see the screens on the video feed. Do remember you handling the q&a's. #eventprofs
11:28 am camerontoth: Hello All! Can't stay for long but I miss being a part of the conversation! #eventprofs
11:28 am MichaelMcCurry: @GregRuby here is link to my article on Google wave http://bit.ly/1kREjF #eventprofs
11:28 am lizkingevents: @MichaelMcCurry Thanks! I'll have to check it out. I've been playing with it, but still trying to find the best ways 2 use. #eventprofs
11:28 am GregRuby: Hello Cameron & Ian! #eventprofs
11:28 am lizkingevents: @camerontoth Welcome! #eventprofs
11:28 am MichaelMcCurry: @GregRuby Google Wave is a collaboration tool with lots of functionality!! #eventprofs
11:28 am camerontoth: @lizkingevents - I really want to try Google Wave!!!! #eventprofs
11:29 am MichaelMcCurry: @lizkingevents what is your GW user account name I will add you #eventprofs
11:29 am lizkingevents: @camerontoth Do you have access? I can send you an invite as soon as I get more, if you'd like. #eventprofs
11:29 am camerontoth: @MichaelMcCurry - I could really use an invite. I am so jealous. How do I get an invite? #eventprofs
11:29 am iandavmcg: @MichaelMcCurry google wave: my next blog post on http://www.experientialmarketing20.com will address this #eventprofs
11:30 am lizkingevents: @MichaelMcCurry I am lizk723@googlewave.com #eventprofs
11:30 am MichaelMcCurry: For anyone interested my account id is jeepsdad@googlewave.com #eventprofs
11:30 am camerontoth: @crlambert - Why are speakers afraid of Twitter? #eventprofs
11:30 am GregRuby: @iandavmcg Looking forward to seeing your post. #eventprofs
11:31 am lizkingevents: @MichaelMcCurry Thanks for the article. That is REALLY useful! #eventprofs
11:31 am SmartSource: @camerontoth #eventprofs I am waiting on invite too but hearing a lot of good buzz on Google Wave. Will have to look into it
11:31 am conventionplani: @camerontoth ditto with the jealousy #eventprofs
11:31 am MichaelMcCurry: @iandavmcg awesome look forward to reading it! #eventprofs
11:31 am GregRuby: Folks, let's wrap up this first topic, and move onto our second topic. #eventprofs
11:31 am WY20: hey - its sherri from what's your twenty joining very late! #eventprofs
11:31 am PinkDeb: http://bit.ly/2hFl5q is the LED lighted dress #eventprofs
11:32 am PinkDeb: Also please do watch the Dallas game on Thanksgiving we have a great visual going on during half time! #eventprofs
11:32 am GregRuby: Our second topic is "defining an event versus an experience." #eventprofs
11:32 am MichaelMcCurry: The best way to get an invite is to do a twitter search for "google wave" and monitor the stream for ppl offering invitations #eventprofs
11:32 am conventionplani: @PinkDeb WOW!!! #eventprofs
11:32 am lizkingevents: I'm happy to send invites to GW when I get some more. I'll tweet it out when I get them. #eventprofs
11:32 am GregRuby: @WY20 Welcome Sherry! #eventprofs
11:32 am iandavmcg: @MichaelMcCurry nice GW article... I will expand on your great thoughts... #eventprofs
11:33 am lizkingevents: @PinkDeb That's great re: Thanksgiving Dallas game. Congrats! #eventprofs
11:33 am camerontoth: @lizkingevents - That would be super fantastic! I really want to ride the wave! <~~ was that too corny? #eventprofs
11:33 am WY20: @lizkingevents i'm sherrighaymond@googlewave.com cc @michaelmccurry #eventprofs
11:33 am conventionplani: @lizkingevents you are the best! #eventprofs
11:34 am crlambert: @camerontoth Afraid of negative feedback; getting thrown off-topic; publically critized? #eventprofs
11:34 am GregRuby: @PinkDeb Very sorry that I won't be catching that game due to travel commitments. #eventprofs
11:34 am EmilieBarta: RT @GoGreenDisplays: Five States, One City Add Green Hotel Certification Programshttp://bit.ly/27ceKe #eventprofs
11:34 am lizkingevents: @WY20 Great! I will add you. by the way, thanks again 4 the connection to NYEP. It's been awesome! #eventprofs
11:35 am PinkDeb: I am always looking for more twitter folk and blogs on event design - i want more on 3d! and experience! #eventprofs
11:35 am GregRuby: For me, ASAE does a great job of making their events a truly memorable experience. Their annual in Nashville was very well done #eventprofs
11:35 am lizkingevents: @camerontoth hahah.. There's no such thing as "too corny" :) #eventprofs
11:35 am MichaelMcCurry: @crlambert by having a "comment moderator" you can manage those challenges #eventprofs
11:35 am elegants: I'm buzzbrockway@googlewave.com #eventprofs #eventprofs
11:35 am MichaelMcCurry: @WY20 thanks Sherri #eventprofs
11:35 am BrittaniMEvents: I am really sad because I wanted to join a chat for the first time, but my computer will not pull up the hash tag here. #eventprofs
11:36 am lizkingevents: @GregRuby How do you define event vs. experience? #eventprofs
11:36 am BrittaniMEvents: However I hope the chat is going well and hopefully the glitches will be worked out for next week. I am looking forward to it. #eventprofs
11:36 am camerontoth: @lizkingevents - My email is CameronToth@gmail.com - Please add me to your contacts! :-) #eventprofs
11:36 am PinkDeb: so much noise again on the #eventprofs station! #eventprofs
11:36 am MichaelMcCurry: @iandavmcg Thanks Ian! #eventprofs
11:36 am lizkingevents: @BrittaniMEvents Are you logged onto tweetchat.com? We'd love to have you join us! #eventprofs
11:37 am MichaelMcCurry: @BrittaniMEvents we see you #eventprofs
11:37 am tonyveroeven: Events need to give a good experience to all participants, Public,Attendees Speakers, Sponsors,Exhibitors, Every1's got a WIIFM! #eventprofs
11:37 am crlambert: Gotta go, thanks all! #eventprofs
11:37 am lizkingevents: @camerontoth I shall! #eventprofs
11:37 am GregRuby: @lizkingevents For me, it is the "wow" factor. I remember walking around ASAE with my mouth open like my first time in the city #eventprofs
11:37 am iandavmcg: an event is a point in time, an experience engages audiences on an emotional and rational level #eventprofs
11:38 am MichaelMcCurry: @camerontoth Cameron that is not coming up on google wave as a valid account #eventprofs
11:38 am PinkDeb: we did talk about events/experiences a few weeks ago @iandavmcg had great things to say #eventprofs
11:38 am HWhotels: RT @PYMConnect: RT @BTUK Germany plans to cut hotel tax from 19% to 7% from the start of next yr. http://tinyurl.com/yl7sb26 #eventprofs
11:38 am MichaelMcCurry: @crlambert Take care Carla... have a great day! #eventprofs
11:39 am lizkingevents: @GregRuby @iandavmcg I think those are gr8 ways 2 define. I agree with the emotional reaction & long term involvement. #eventprofs
11:39 am WY20: RT @iandavmcg an event is a point in time, an experience engages audiences on an emotional and rational level #eventprofs
11:39 am iandavmcg: @PinkDeb awe shucks, thank you! #eventprofs
11:39 am GregRuby: @iandavmcg Very well put. The martini bar that ASAE used to have at Springtime made a real emotional connection for me... #eventprofs
11:39 am lizkingevents: @PinkDeb That LED dress is REALLY interesting. Wow! #eventprofs
11:40 am PinkDeb: everyone wants their event to transcend into an experience. that is when it is really memorable #eventprofs
11:40 am WY20: @lizkingevents i'll add you, too! and great re: NYEP - so glad its been helpful! #eventprofs
11:40 am ZeristaSoftware: RT @iandavmcg: an event is a point in time, an experience engages audiences on an emotional and rational level #eventprofs
11:41 am WY20: @lizkingevents where's the LED dress? I need to see this! cc @PinkDeb (hi Deb!) #eventprofs
11:41 am iandavmcg: Experiences can be broken down into 'micro experiences' and 'macro experiences' #eventprofs
11:41 am WY20: yes! RT @PinkDeb everyone wants their event to transcend into an experience. that is when it is really memorable #eventprofs
11:42 am lizkingevents: @WY20 @PinkDeb Here it is. It's awesome! http://bit.ly/2hFl5q #eventprofs
11:42 am MichaelMcCurry: RT @GregRuby: @iandavmcg Very well put. martini bar that ASAE used 2 have @Springtime made a real emotional connection 4 me... #eventprofs
11:42 am PinkDeb: what is NYEP @WY20 LED dress is on display in Chicago at Museum of Science and Industry #eventprofs
11:42 am iandavmcg: 'Micro Experience' = this coffee tastes good, 'Macro Experience' = I went to Disneyworld! #eventprofs
11:43 am GregRuby: PCMA does a nice job also, in my opinion, of making their events memorable as well. Hope Dallas lives up to my last one. #eventprofs
11:43 am camerontoth: @MichaelMcCurry - I need a Wave account invite. I am stuck in regular Gmail world until I receive one. Column for GW set #eventprofs
11:43 am MichaelMcCurry: The experience is what makes the event memorable.. adds life to it extending beyond the event itself #eventprofs
11:43 am lizkingevents: I guess the question is HOW do you ensure your event turns into an experience? How can u make this happen - or can you? #eventprofs
11:44 am tonyveroeven: Event and experience are intersecting planes, but not the same thing. #eventprofs
11:44 am camerontoth: RT @iandavmcg: 'Micro Experience' = this coffee tastes good, 'Macro Experience' = I went to Disneyworld! #eventprofs
11:44 am lizkingevents: gr8 point RT @iandavmcg: Micro Experience = this coffee tastes good, Macro Experience = I went to Disneyworld! #eventprofs
11:44 am iandavmcg: Many 'micro experiences' create a 'macro experience' (I am making this up as I go...) #eventprofs
11:44 am AttendInteract: RT @iandavmcg: an event is a point in time, an experience engages audiences on an emotional and rational level #eventprofs
11:44 am conventionplani: @lizkingevents engaging the audience and encouraging post event interaction I think helps with that #eventprofs
11:44 am GregRuby: @lizkingevents What have you been able to do at some of your client's events? #eventprofs
11:45 am camerontoth: Off to the next meeting. It was good to get a little #eventprofs in my Day! See you all around the Twitterverse!
11:45 am WY20: @camerontoth wave will def not replace gmail for you, unfortunately lol. also it totally slows down your computer, just fyi. #eventprofs
11:45 am tonyveroeven: Correction: 'Micro Experience' = the teacup ride was scary!, 'Macro Experience' = I went to Disneyworld! ;) #eventprofs
11:45 am iandavmcg: http://bit.ly/3avMlr my latest blog post on events vs. experiences #eventprofs
11:45 am Featsinc: Well said. RT @iandavmcg an event is a point in time, an experience engages audiences on an emotional and rational level #eventprofs
11:45 am SmartSource: Gotta Run & get back to work. Thanks @GregRuby & everyone else for a great #eventprofs chat!
11:46 am GregRuby: @camerontoth Take care Cameron! #eventprofs
11:46 am iandavmcg: @tonyveroeven nice! #eventprofs
11:46 am WY20: RT @iandavmcg http://bit.ly/3avMlr my latest blog post on events vs. experiences #eventprofs
11:46 am MichaelMcCurry: @camerontoth Take care Cameron! #eventprofs
11:46 am GregRuby: @iandavmcg How did I not know you had a blog until today. Will definitely check it out. #eventprofs
11:46 am elegants: RT @iandavmcghttp://bit.ly/3avMlr my latest blog post on events vs. experiences #eventprofs
11:46 am lizkingevents: ! I think a lot of these crowd sourcing technologies will help - like @clintonbon's technology #eventprofs
11:47 am MichaelMcCurry: RT @iandavmcghttp://bit.ly/3avMlr my latest blog post on events vs. experiences #eventprofs
11:47 am PinkIncDesign: I look forward to reading it! RT @iandavmcg http://bit.ly/3avMlr my latest blog post on events vs. experiences #eventprofs
11:47 am pmstamos: Chicago #Tradeshow Task Force http://bit.ly/1WBzSS #eventprofs
11:47 am lizkingevents: @camerontoth Take care, Cameron! #eventprofs
11:48 am lizkingevents: RT @MichaelMcCurry: RT @iandavmcghttp://bit.ly/3avMlr my latest blog post on events vs. experiences #eventprofs
11:48 am GregRuby: @lizkingevents Good point, I believe IAEE is using @ClintonBon's software for #expoexpo. #eventprofs
11:48 am lizkingevents: @SmartSource Take care! #eventprofs
11:48 am iandavmcg: @GregRuby dude I must not be promoting it enough... LOL #eventprofs
11:49 am iandavmcg: meatball sub + eventprofs chat = :) #eventprofs
11:49 am PinkDeb: How is social media going 2 effect the event/experience - will it extend making people feel more involved therefor experiential? #eventprofs
11:50 am GregRuby: I could really use a spell check feature here.... #eventprofs
11:50 am GregRuby: @iandavmcg Great - now I am hungry. #eventprofs
11:51 am ready2spark: Help! Looking 4 a nice, safe place 2 stay in New Orleans close 2 convention center (around $150/night). Any recos? #eventprofs
11:51 am WY20: wow this LED dress is amazing! RT @lizkingevents: @WY20 @PinkDeb Here it is. It's awesome!http://bit.ly/2hFl5q #eventprofs #fashion
11:51 am missmotorcade: wow this LED dress is amazing! RT @lizkingevents: @WY20 @PinkDeb Here it is. It's awesome!http://bit.ly/2hFl5q #eventprofs #fashion
11:51 am GregRuby: @PinkDeb MPI's work with social media last year with their 2 events definitely made a connection for me with the group. #eventprofs
11:51 am MichaelMcCurry: Hey folks gotta go... thanks for the chat!!!! #eventprofs
11:51 am lizkingevents: @PinkDeb I think so. it turns an event into relationships, and I think that's the core of an experience. #eventprofs
11:52 am iandavmcg: @PinkDeb 5 ways social media amplifies event marketing: http://bit.ly/14nPqI #eventprofs
11:52 am GregRuby: @PinkDeb In addition, @MichaelMcCurry's work with the PCMA GMC chapter session last month was groundbreaking for a local chapter #eventprofs
11:52 am iandavmcg: @ready2spark there's always the piano bar... #eventprofs
11:53 am GregRuby: @MichaelMcCurry Thanks for joining us today Mike! #eventprofs
11:53 am lizkingevents: @MichaelMcCurry Thanks for the chat, Mike. It's always great to hear your thoughts! #eventprofs
11:54 am PinkDeb: i have to run too! thank you! great to see you all here today! @ready2spark I need to know about NoLa too! #eventprofs
11:54 am lizkingevents: Time 2 head back 2 work. Thanks 4 the conversation. I suppose I'll be seeing every1 on GW now :) Thanks @GregRuby 4 modifying #eventprofs
11:55 am tonyveroeven: Thanks Greg for stepping in for @jeffhurt! #eventprofs
11:55 am GregRuby: Folks, let's wrap up today's session. I also have to run soon for a conference call. Appreciate everyone's participation today #eventprofs
11:56 am GregRuby: Next #eventprofs chat is scheduled for next Monday evening, 9P Eastern, 6P Pacific. #eventprofs
11:56 am conventionplani: great to connect with you all, @gregruby thank you for hosting! #eventprofs
11:56 am elegants: Thanks for doing this @GregRuby #eventprofs
11:56 am WY20: thanks @gregruby! #eventprofs
11:56 am lizkingevents: RT @GregRuby: Next #eventprofs chat is scheduled for next Monday evening, 9P Eastern, 6P Pacific. #eventprofs
11:56 am EmilieBarta: RT @iandavmcghttp://bit.ly/3avMlr My latest blog post on events vs. experiences #eventprofs
11:56 am GregRuby: Thanks all! #eventprofs
11:59 am conventionplani: back to putting together ROI reports...sad #eventprofs chat cannot distract me anymore!


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